Livestreaming Coverage, Any Event - Webinar - Conference

Our Highly experienced team in Broadcast field, expands it’s presence in the Livestreaming world, creating new opportunities for those who need a high level production for their event.

We invest more than 30 years now in the industry of Live productions, with our clients that are of the highest standards, we offer the highest possible quality coverage for your event in very competitive prices.

Feel free to contact us, so we can estimate, plan and organise your event’s¬†presence live on internet with the highest quality equipment available in the industry

Some of our latest Events

Key technical points, that lead to our High Level results

  • High Bandwith Bonded ConnectionsWe make use of broadcast technology that combines up to 8 internet connections to ensure uninterupted streaming under the most demanding situations and places (Satellite Internet, 4G/5G,Landlines,Wireless uplinks and more)
  • ULTRA HD/4K End to End ProductionWith state of the art Camera channels and Production switchers and Encoders, we produce end-to-end in 4K 2160p resolutions with broadcast grade equipment
  • Live GraphicsWe customise the on screen Graphics of any production we make based on the event's/client's branding that gives a unique feel to the spectators making the production look and sound Professional as it is. Graphics,titles,cards,statistics from databases can be changed,reordered and moved realtime. Unlimited layers of on screen Graphics can be used.
  • Sound is of the essenceWe plan the audio coverage based on event's needs. Reporter-Vocal-Conference-Lapel microphones are all available to ensure the highest accoustic experience for the spectators. With digital infrastructure there are endless possibillities for the sources that can be used live (Videos,Backgrounds,Remote guests with two way communication,Wireless microphones and more).
  • Multiple Platform Live StreamingEvent can be streamed Live to any platform that is needed from on site, leveraging our unique cloud technology that restreams the event feed to all popular platforms(Facebook,Youtube,Custom players on website,Instagram,TikTok and more)